Electrical heating and cooling solutions
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Vulcanic in the world

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Electrical heating and cooling solutions for the industry

Vulcanic offers a wide range of solutions for electrical industrial heating and cooling (of liquids, gaz and solids) including temperature measurement, control and power supply.
Those solutions consists on a combination of:

  • heating elements, screw immersion heaters, flow heaters, process heaters, heating cables, heating panels, heating hoses, heating cartridges, band heaters, electrical industrial radiators, fan heaters, finned strip heaters, air duct heaters …
  • thermostats, temperature sensors, temperature probes, pt100 sensors, thermocouples, indicators, measuring transducers, temperature controllers, power units, control panels …
  • temperature control unit for water or oil medium, hot, hot/cold and hot/cool, air conditioners for electrical cabinets , heat exchangers air/water, chillers …

They do suit safe but also hazardous areas . They can then include ATEX immersion heaters, ATEX flow heaters, ATEX temperature sensors, ATEX thermostats, ATEX panels …

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Chimie Lyon 2019

From September 18 to 19, 2019 Vulcanic will be present at the suppliers and partners trade show.

Our engineers will be there to meet you and introduce you to our heating, cooling and temperature measurement solutions adapted to petrochemicals


11 -14 November 2019 in Abu Dhabi

Our technical sales team will available to discuss your applications for ATEX electric process heaters and flexible thermocouple assemblies . We look forward to seeing you at ADIPEC.