Vulcanic chillers are automatic units designed to cool all industrial or tooling processes by means of a circulating fluid (water, glycol water or ISO VG2 oil, etc.).

Due to its mobility and strong construction, this technology is particularly suitable for the plastics industry (injection moulding), food industry, chemical industry, cosmetics industry and the pharmaceutical industry (pipework and jacketed reaction vessels).

Vulcanic offers a wide range of chillers with a cooling capacity of 3 to 30 kW, capable of operating under extreme conditions (oil mist). Vulcafroid® can adapt these compact units to suit all plant configurations and customer requirements (voltage and hydraulic specifications).

 Vulcanic chillers are equipped with a cooling unit (water condenser available on request), pump, electrical cabinet with integrated HMI (connections for Modbus, Profibus, Canbus) and process control and safety sensors. The unit is protected with a stainless or coated steel casing.

All refrigerants used in Vulcanic products are compliant with the latest environmental legislation.

Vulcanic Vulcafroid® chillers are designed and manufactured either as part of our standard range or as a customised solution in our factory at Neuilly sur Marne. All units are CE marked, compliant with the European directive 2014/68/EU.

  conformité CE

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