Vulcanic silicone heating panels are designed to heat and maintain the temperature of flat, cylindrical or conical components. Particularly useful when even temperature distribution is required (no hot spots) or when the heating system has to be very compact (thickness: 4 mm max.).

Specific load up to 0.7 W/cm2 as standard and maximum operating temperature of 180 °C. – Voltage: 12 V 1-ph up to 400 V 3-ph.

Vulcanic silicone heating panels are also used for condensation removal (electrical cabinets, satellite dishes, etc.) and, in the form of panels or belts, for the indirect heating of tanks or vessels containing liquids.

In addition to rectangular or circular shapes, silicone heating panels can be quickly customised into other shapes or with holes according to drawings or parts to be heated.n ad

They can be equipped with a self-adhesive surface, an insulated surface, fixing devices (hooks, springs, adhesive tape, Velcro, etc.) and an IP rating of IP21 or IP55.

They can be connected to the power supply by a multicore cable placed in an over-thickness of the material or by single wires placed within the thickness of the heating panel itself.

The temperature of Vulcanic heating panels can be controlled by either a PT100 sensor, a thermocouple or an electromechanical thermostat preset in our factory.

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silicone heating panels

Silicone heating panels

special silicone heating panels

Special silicone heating panels

Special silicone heating panel 1

Cylindrical panel with insulation

Special silicone heating panel 2

Heater and foam assembly

Special silicone heating panel 3

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Heater assemblies and bonding

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Insulated Pipe Heaters

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Insulated Pipe Heaters

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