Infrared generators are used to heat people and in industrial processes. Since the heating element reaches temperatures of between 370 °C and 2000 °C, the energy is transmitted by radiation. Heating is carried out remotely and overcomes environmental conditions.

Vulcanic offers three different technologies in order to meet all client requirements and applications.

Long infrared generators are comprised of a resistance wire housed in a high quality ceramic material. Their surface temperature is between 370 °C and 500 °C and thermal inertia is from 2 to 5 min.

These generators are particularly suitable for applications involving the preheating and heat treatment of plastics, latex, synthetic fibres, heat-shrink packaging. Rectangular, flat or curved, long infrared generators do not require any maintenance and are resistant to water, acids and thermal shocks.

Medium infrared generators are comprised of one or more resistance wires coated in Incoloy® 800 mounted in a highly reflective aluminium-coated steel reflector. Their surface temperature is between 500 °C and 750 °C and thermal inertia is from 1 to 2 min.

These generators are suitable for heating people where the conditions are particularly harsh (industrial sites, warehouses, loading bays, etc.). With a robust construction and capable of being mounted vertically or horizontally in a maximum temperature environment of 200 °C, they also enable a number of industrial problems to be overcome (drying, cooking, polymerisation, etc.).

Short infrared generators are comprised of one or more quartz lamps mounted inside a reflector. The surface temperature of the filament of the lamps can reach 2000 °C.

These generators are used in the textile, paper, card, plastic and food wrap industries and any other applications requiring an almost nil inertia (<1 sec) or a large power density.

Available in rectilinear or cassette form comprising several lamps, short infrared generators are compact, light and require minimum and straightforward maintenance.

Vulcanic infrared generators are designed and manufactured as part of our standard range offering a wide selection of powers and dimensions.

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