Vulcanic heating cables are intended for the indirect heating of liquids (water, oil, fuel, glycol, sodium hydroxide, bitumen, etc.) for maintaining temperature and frost-protection of pipework, tanks and access doors. Available from 15W/m to 60W/m up to 600°C.

Self-regulating heating cables limit, by their design, their power depending on the temperature to be maintained. They can be supplied with a stainless steel mechanical protective braid and a PTFE over-sheath against chemical attack. A temperature control sensor or thermostat is recommended to limit energy consumption.

Constant power heating cables heat continuously regardless of the temperature to be maintained and should be connected to a temperature control system. For temperatures over 110°C, the external cover is metallic (stainless steel or Inconel) and polymer for lower temperatures.

Depending on the selected technology, Vulcanic heating cables be may delivered ready to use, to length, with their electric connection interface, or in reels of several tens of metres from which the installer can take section lengths required for the application.

Branching and power connectors, termination and junction kits, sealed feedthroughs and regulatory signage are offered as options.

Vulcanic self-regulating cables and their accessories are also ATEX-certified according to Directive 2014/34/EU, for installation in explosive atmosphere (risk areas 1, 2, 21 and 22) and for a temperature class T3 or T6.

  conformité CEmatériel ATEX

Self-regulating heating cables

Self-regulating heating cables

Constant power heating cables

Constant power heating cables

heating cables 2

Branching and power supply connectors



heating cables with mineral insulation

Heating cables with mineral insulation

and outer metallic sleeve