Vulcanic fluoropolymers immersion heaters are designed for the direct heating of fluids, essentially corrosive (acid, alkali, etc.) by natural or forced convection up to 15 kW, 460 V single or three phase, 120°C.

Horizontal or vertical mounting on metallic or polyamide fluid tanks at atmospheric pressure.

Vulcanic fluoropolymers immersion heaters comprise a Teflon® (FEP or PFA) coated heating cable, which is chemical-resistant, and a support frame available in several materials (stainless steel, PVDF, PP, etc.) compatible with the fluids to be heated.

They can be equipped with a temperature sensor (PT100 sensor or thermocouple), feet for installation on the tank bottom, a protective grill and a compression gland for the power supply outside the tank.

An IP64 PVC moulded connection device enables the connection between the heating cable and the electric supply cable outside the tank.

Vulcanic fluoropolymers immersion heaters are designed and manufactured as part of our standard range or as a customised solution.

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Vertical immersion heaters

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Horizontal immersion heaters