Vulcanic fluid circulation heaters are designed for the heating of circulating liquids (water, oil, heavy fuel, glycol, acids, caustic soda, asphalt, etc.) or gases (air, nitrogen, CO2, etc.) up to 240 kW, 750 V 3-ph, 400 °C, 25 bar.

Vulcanic fluid circulation heaters are constituted of a boiler comprising 1 to 4 DN20 to DN80 steel or stainless steel vessels with inlet/outlet BSP ½”  to 2”, with one or several screw plug immersion heaters and optionally, a safety device on the vessel (thermostat or sensor).

Fluid circulation heaters can be equipped with a heat insulator and protection jacket, a control device (sensor or thermostat) on the fluid inlet or outlet and mounting system.

 An electrical control and power supply unit with IP44 to IP66 protection rating, in polyamide, aluminium or painted or stainless steel, protects the connections from the heating elements to the power supply and from the control and safety devices to the power cabinet.

 Vulcanic fluid circulation heaters are designed and manufactured as part of our standard range or as a customised solution in our factory in St Florentin and conform to European directive 2014/68/EU (PED).

conformité CE

fluid circulation heaters ith screw plug

Fluid circulation heater with 2 vessels

fluid circulation heaters with insulation

Fluid circulation heater with heat insulator

low flow fluid circulation heaters

Low flow fluid circulation heater