Vulcanic ceramic core immersion heaters are designed to heat liquids (water, oil, fuel oil, glycol, acid, sodium hydroxide, bitumen, etc.) by natural or forced convection, up to 15kW, 400V single or 3-phase. The heating length can reach several metres limited by the condition of the maximum current.

Horizontally or vertically mounted on static or circulating fluid tanks.

These immersion heaters are constructed from resistance wires housed in cylindrical ceramic elements. The entire assembly is protected by a stainless steel (304L or 316L) sleeve which comes into direct contact with the fluid to be heated.

The sleeve containing the core heater may be welded directly onto the wall of the tank, screwed onto a threaded sleeve (metric or gas thread) or mounted on a backflange compliant with standards EN 1092-1 or ASME B16.5.

This technology allows the core heater to be replaced without entirely dismantling the immersion heater and without draining the tank containing the fluid to be heated.

An electrical IP55 polyamide cover protects the connections of the core heater for connection to the power supply.

Vulcanic ceramic core immersion heaters are designed and manufactured either as part of our standard range or as a customised solution in our factory at St Florentin, for installation on vessels compliant with European Directive 2014/68/EU (PED).


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ceramic core immersion heaters

Ceramic core heaters

ceramic core immersion heaters head


Ceramic core heater head

pocket for ceramic core immersion heaters


Pocket for direct welding to the tank