High power heating rods :

Vulcanic high power heating rods are designed for the heating of circulating liquids or gases via forced convection in “Compatherm” heaters, for the heating of static liquids by natural convection, for the heating of solids by conduction, as well as heating via radiation in a gas or vacuum.

The special design of these heating rods and the use of high quality materials (heat conduction by boron nitride) enables them to work with a specific load of 10 to 100 W/cm2 and at temperatures of up to 800°C.

These heating rods result in very compact electrical circulation heaters with a single heating rod easily dissipating a power of 80 kW.

The thick external sheath is resistant to corrosion and mechanical stress. The operating pressure can reach 300 bar. Power supply in single or three phase from 12 V to 660 V.

Vulcanic high power heating rods comprise several chrome-nickel wires embedded in highly compressed boron nitride inside a 316L stainless steel or Inconel 600 sheath.

The outside sheath diameter from 10.7 to 30 mm can be either smooth or corrugated to optimise the thermal exchange.

Power supply is via cables or in a case equipped with a compression gland.

Vulcanic heating rods can be equipped with a thermocouple sensor for temperature control or limitation or for safety directly in contact with the external sheath. The thermocouple is placed in the insulation or in a thermowell to allow disassembly.

Bolt heaters :

Bolt heaters are high power heating rods used for tightening bolts by thermal expansion. The energy is mainly transmitted by thermal radiation.

The principle involves locking the nut onto the screw at high temperature; the return to ambient temperature results in tightening. This technology is used for bolts with large diameters when manual clamping becomes physically impossible.

Bolt heaters enable bores of diameter from 11 to 30 mm to be heated very rapidly. Power up to 10 kW with specific load from 15 to 50 W/cm2. Voltage from 12 to 60 V single phase.

”Compatherm” type circulation heaters :

“Compatherm” heaters are gas or fluid circulation heaters equipped with one or several high power heating rods.

Very compact, with low thermal mass and low capacity, “Compatherm” heaters are designed for the heating of most industrial fluids (thermal fluids, superheated water, steam, air, methane, etc.) up to 200 bar pressure and 800°C temperature.

Vulcanic high power heating rods and “Compatherm” circulation heaters are designed and manufactured as a customised solution in our factory in St Florentin.

They can be ATEX certified according to Directive 2014/34/EU for an installation in an explosive environment (risk zone 1 and 2) and for a temperature class T1 to T6.

conformité CEmatériel ATEX

high power heating rods

ATEX certified high power heating rod

high power heating rods 2

Corrugated high power heating rod

bolt heaters

Bolt heaters

compatherm fluid circulation heaters

“Compatherm” type circulation heater

compatherm fluid circulation heaters 2

ATEX certified “Compatherm” heater