Further PDO success for Vulcanic

Mon 29 Feb, 2016

Vulcanic has secured major contracts in Oman for 2 off 3200kW Exe Fuel Gas Heater skids packages, Thyristor Control Panels and HV/LV Power Transformers for PDO on the Mabrouk Field is located approximately 45 km SW of the Saih Rawl field and 35 km NW of the Barik field. The field was discovered in 1979 and is currently producing oil and gas from the Lower Gharif and Al Khlata reservoirs. In 1991, the underlying gas bearing deep reservoirs, Miqrat and Barik were discovered. Production from these deep reservoirs requires more gas wells to be drilled and a new gas processing facility as part of Mabrouk Deep Full Field Development project.

This project will provide an opportunity to mature an expected 25 Bcm of contingent gas resources in Barik and Miqrat reservoirs, with 2.13 mlm m3 of condensate. To accelerate the gas production and to contain the uncertainties, the project will be executed in 3 phases, with phases 1 and 2 already completed.

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